Time & Attendance System


Our time and attendance system is targeted at two main applications, namely university dormitories and schools. In universities, joining “Persian Intelligent Systems Developer” as our main partner, we have one card solution for all card based services including dormitory access and attendance control. Enabling attendance features in Saman Access Control Software like attendance shift, vacation and SMS panel, a detailed report of the absence and attendance violation of students in the dorm can be submitted to the administrators. Also, a proper SMS can be sent in case of any violation of attendance or the absence situation.

In schools, to manage the students, teachers and staff attendance, there is no need to install any software in the school computers. Instead, the installed hardware connects periodically to the server over the Internet to send the generated logs and receive the commands. The server side application can be Saman Access Control Software with attendance features enabled or “WebThinker” smart school package.

Like Access control solution, the system hardware at each school is divided into three parts: the controller, the terminals and the picture maker. The user credentials are received from the users by terminals and sent to the controller for authentication. Card, PIN, fingerprint or any combination of them are the methods now available for identification. The generated log is stored in the memory to be sent to the server when there is a connection. If a picture maker is used in the system, proper information can be displayed on the screen depending on whether the person is identified or not. If the person is an authorized one, his/her picture and information can be displayed for further verification.

When the E-wallet solution of “Persian Intelligent Systems Developer” is used in the school, the credits having paid through the Web can be transferred to the card while it is brought into the reader proximity either for attendance information during an entrance/exit or not to make cashless purchasing possible for him/her.

To save space and make the install and maintenance easier, the controller and the terminal are integrated into a new device called integrated Time and Attendance (ITA) device specially recommended when only one terminal is required.