About Saman Madar Pars

Saman Madar Pars has provided successful smart solutions for physical access control for the recent five years. Based on RFID and biometrics identification, it has developed hardware and software systems for different applications. The valuable experience of the founders and the other colleagues in the electronics and IT industry has achieved a good reputation for the company during this short period of time. The company started its activity as a branch of “Persian Intelligent Systems Developer” since 2010 and continued its work as an independent entity in 2015.

Physical Access Control

The developed access control software is a general network based solution fulfilling the demanding requirements of physical access control in large organizations. Having users groups and card holders groups and fine restriction of users’ access to the card holders groups and the application pages along with advanced search tools and versatile reports facilitate managing the large data for system administrators. The access control devices have been designed with different applications and environments in mind. Network based access controllers provide different input and output ports to connect to different sensors and buttons and driving different actuators including various electrical locks and turnstiles. Some controllers provide Wiegand input ports to make it easy using third party card readers in the system.

Time and Attendance System

Having “Persian Intelligent Systems Developer” as our main partner, we can provide one card solution in the universities for all faculty, students, staff, and visitors’ daily requirements. Class attendance, access to the university parking, labs and the other services, using the food service, shopping, access and attendance in the university dormitories all can be managed using our systems. For schools, the students’ parents should be aware about their children presence status in the school as well as their educational progress. Saman Madar Pars has joined “WebThinker”, one of the leading smart school solution providers in the country to provide attendance information to their system. The parents will be informed by SMS if their children are absent or late in the school. They can also monitor the children attendance times from WebThinker website using the accounts assigned to them.